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U.B.U: A Cautionary Tale of Catastrophe

September 10th– 21st

Bordello Room, Kings Cross Hotel. 

Adapted from Alfred Jarry’s UBU Roi

Directed by Richard Hilliar


Filth.  Freaks. Farts.  Everything theatre should be.


Pa Ubu wants to be king. Ma Ubu wants to queen.

With their taste for murder and mayhem, how hard

can it be?


U.B.U. is a frantic explosion of everything bawdy,

childish and stupid. It is glitter and garbage, puppets and

poo. Witness the impending doom of our planet from

criminal negligence and exploitation, but in a funny way!



It's only on for a short time, so don't miss out on the play

people are calling:    "Different!", "Ridiculous!" and

"Stop calling me!


See you in the Bordello.





Director: Richard Hilliar 

Assistant Director: Lana Morgan

Set and Prop Design: Ash Bell 

Costume Design: Tanya Woodland

Sound Design: Tegan Nicholls 

Lighting Design: Ryan McDonald 

Puppet Maker: Ebony Anne Zderic 




Tristan Black, Lib Campbell, Rachael Colquhoun-Fairweather,

Emily Elise, Sam Glissan, Gideon Payten-Griffiths,

Shane Russon, Idam Sondhi and Nicole Wineberg