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Meraki Arts Bar, 231 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

March 16 - April 1 



Well, the climate collapse we've all been waiting for has finally happened! But there's no need to be glum because in the centre of the Deadlands is a happy little place called Haven!

Join your puppet friends Glorbo, Titzi, Blurkina and Shnerk as they teach you how to survive in this brave new world using songs, craft and a can-do spirit, all under the watchful eye of Miss Melissa! And they're not going to let something so silly as unsolved murders, surprise pregnancies and existential despair stop the party!

A spiritual sequel to the smash hit U.B.U: A Cautionary Tale of Catastrophe, APOCKA-WOCKA-LOCKALYPSE will make you laugh all your sads away! STRICTLY 18+!

To note: The theatre is located on the third floor of Meraki and is only accessible via two flights of stairs.

Writer/Director: Richard Hilliar

Featuring: Matt Abotomey, Lib Campbell, Zoe Crawford, Nathan Porteus and Nicole Wineberg

Production Design: Ash Bell

Sound Design/Composition: Alexander Lee-Rekers

Lighting Design: Isobel Morrissey

Stage Management: Alex Liang




This show would not be possible without the support of Innerwest Council, through its EDGE Spaces program. #EDGEInnerwest - Supporting Artists Locally to Globally

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